My travels are my inspiration.

The paintings on this website are from Prince Edward Island, Gloucester, Massachusetts, Monte Castello, Italy, Duboise Park, West Palm, Florida and Norwalk, Connecticut.

In each location, there is always something new. When the motif is found, I paint swiftly to capture the light and my immediate visual sensations. These oil studies are loose, free, and thinly painted. They possess a freshness and immediacy that only on site painting can hold. They are finished works in themselves and influence the studio paintings.

In the studio I work on larger canvases in oil. The picture is eventually pared down to the broad areas of color, and simple forms with limited descriptive detail. The work becomes the meditation on the luminosity and hue of pigment, the fluidity and viscosity of paint. Resolving a painting takes many months of layering, deleting, adding. I am happy if in the end it looks free and easy.


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